In-Person auditions will be scheduled and for those unable to make the live auditions you may submit a recorded audition.

Complete the Audition Application below and see information on In-Person and Recorded Auditions.

For more information on auditions:

      Orchestra/Wind Ensemble for 2014: 

Contact Matthew Schlomer at

Chorale for 2013:

Contact Jonathan Laabs at

Recorded Auditions for instrumentalist: 

Play the following scales in the full range of your instrument: Concert Bb, C, G, D, F, Eb, A

Play your chromatic scale slurred to the highest and lowest notes you know on your instrument

Play a solo of your choice that has both slow and fast playing styles

Recorded Auditions for Vocalists:

Contact Jonathan Laabs for information on the requirements.

Anyone unable to make the live audition is welcome to submit a private online audition using the directions at this link. 

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WYE 2013 Member Form